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Veterans Lifestyle Corporation is dedicated to giving back to the Men & Woman around the globe that serve in the Armed Forces, the Veteran Community, First Responders and their dependants.
Established in 2019 as a provider of innovative & interactive marketing for the global service community. Veterans Lifestyle App provides technological & strategic solution that enables Veteran Businesses to have digital advertisement & M-Commerce presence in seamless time at no cost to the Veteran.
The free mobile app unites Veteran owned & operated businesses, retreats, health, military news, Government Programs & Services in a closed group ecosystem. Veterans Lifestyle App provides those serving, Veterans, Reservists, National Guard and First Responders with:
• Discounts and privileges on a variety of products and services that are relevant to them
• A marketplace to find customers and self-promote for their own businesses
* Support their fellow veteran by buying veteran owned & operated
• Access to career opportunities
• Feature articles and event updates
• A mobile link to The Veterans Channel programming Veterans Lifestyle App is funded by sponsors and advertisers so that the programming and services can be offered to the service community, their families, and interested members of the public at no charge.
Our commitment to unifying the service community with one another and with the civilian community that cares, is to provide ongoing support and a world class underlying software framework that will meet the goals of new digital marketing business of, by, for and to Veterans.
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